Who we are and what we are doing.

We are redefining software development

We are taking software development to a whole new level. Here at ESS we don’t just develop software, we create solutions to real world problems and scenarios. We don’t just look for the quickest solution to solve your workflow problem we look for the best solution.

The foundation of the company is the development team. Some members of the development team have over 20 years experience. They have worked in various industries including, Oil & Gas, Finance, Legal, IT Workflow, and HealthCare to name a few. Our vast experience gives us the insight as to what will work best under different scenarios.

We also include the customer during the design phase ensuring the end result always meets expectations. In all projects we apply this philosophy. From the small custom applications to large requirements driven solutions which may span multiple facilities we strive to meet the customer’s expectations.

If you are in need of a custom solution allow us to help make it a reality.